Thursday, 28 February 2008

My Fall '08 loves

Well the pictures of the Fall '08 shows are slowly being posted online and I thought its only right and my duty to show you whats going to be hot next fall and show you a few of my favourite looks

First up is Balenciaga- his current floral warrior dress does nothing for me but I actually liked some of the fall 08 pieces including this dress above (note its black, a dress and has a ruffle so i was bound to love it). I adore the neckline and the fitted top which flows into a tulip skirt, the ruffle is just fabulous although personally I'd prefer the thigh split sewn up to create a much more elegant, breakfast at Tiffany's style dress!

Staying with Balenciaga is this- now nothing does too much for me here, the top is blah and I'm not overly keen on the choice of fabric for the pants but it was the cut that got me- skinny and cut at the ankle is my all time favourite cut for trousers (so much so I own 5 identical pairs of Killah black skinny ankle length trousers with side zips) and makes the legs look long and lean (and is the perfect way to show off your shoes without looking too tried hard, although be sure to get a pair that fits right otherwise you may end up looking like you've just bought too short trousers!). This is one trend I've already been rocking for the past 3 months and will continue to do so, so good to see the designers taking notes from me- i like it!

Next is this gorgeous ruched, twisted detailed olive green dress from Burberry- Burberry make some fantastic dresses (and with Agyness Deyn as their main model wants not to love!) and I thought everything was right about this one from the gorgeous colour, to the wearable shape (and i adore those bracelets, bags and shoes!).

Now our next designer was my first ever 'The jurys out post' with his candy shift dress but for fall '08 Isaac Mizrahi had some fantastic pieces including lots of bursts of colour which was great against so much of the black that was shown elsewhere (i know I'm a black obsessive but even I need colour sometimes!) First up is this fantastic sienna coloured dress with coral waist and bust detailing. I adore the full skirted style of this dress and the way the contrasting colour at the band not only draws your eye to the waist but the way the fit and full skirt makes you waist look tiny. Plus the neckline is a must for showing off a gorgeous decolletage and a fantastic piece of jewellery while the blouson sleeves make your arms look thinner (and keep you warm!) Personally I would have put this with very thick black tights to really make the colours pop (love the shoes though!)

Staying with Isaac, I adore this outfit- the full purple woolen skirt is just stunning (i want it so badly!), while the black leather belt is just the perfect contrast with the purple (without looking like a bruise) and again makes the waist look smaller when contrasted with the fullness of the skirt. My only criticism is again the tights (i don't do opaques- its thick black tights or nothing!) and I'm not overly keen on the top which reminds me of a ballet leotard- I would have gone for a scoop neck top- not overly original but its every women's staple and could have made the outfit appeal to us ordinary women. I'd also love to see this skirt in black, a red and a bold print as I think its one of the most versatile skirt shapes and one that makes women feel both feminine and sexy.

My final Isaac pick was this one above- its so un-me- the pastel colours aren't usually my think but i saw this and thought it was darling and very grease (but in a good way!). I adore the silhouette and think it just looks fabulous although maybe more of a spring outfit rather than for fall as I think adding a coat for warmth would swamp the outfit and it'd lose its shape and impact (I would adore a version of this in either all black or black and red or even black and white- just imagine how good that'd be!)

Now for a lady who I love- I adore Alice Temperley- i think shes fantastic and lovely and just amazing (plus shes a Somerset girl so I feel kinship with her!) so I had to make a few picks from her '08 show. The above dress is just gorgeous (although do ignore the blouse and boots which are horrid!)- I adore the colour and think it really perks up the winter mood (and would look fantastic with black accessories which are every women's winter staples) while the tiered tulip skirt is very fashion forward but still wearable. I would add a black cashmere or fine knit scoop neck top underneath it and some black patent ballet pumps (with thick black tights of course)

And these black leather trousers are just yummy- they're so Kate Moss and would be perfect for anyone daring enough to re-create her leather trouser/black tuxedo jacket ensemble- personally I'd just wear them with a simple white t-shirt and sweater and let the trousers do the talking (doesn't Lilly just look divine in them though and that hat really suits her! Not sure about the blouse and waistcoat though!)

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For the love of god why?

When I mentioned jumpsuits in one of my earlier posts, I was joking and really didn't expect them to filter down into the more 'high street' stores but apparently they did and this is the result- feast your eyes on this monstrosity by Laundry Industry available at ASOS

Please tell me no one in their right minds would buy this- I mean it looks like a clowns costume thats gotten shrunk in the wash! And £270- just think how many pairs of jeans that is!

Lara Bohinc

Lara Bohinc, the London based designer ( is one of my all time favourites- her pieces are instantly recognisable as her own and add instant glamour to any outfit (and they have just enough shininess for me!) and her use of plaited chain and innovative design is simply gorgeous (see her Luna eclipse necklace below for proof)

With that being said not all of us have that much money to spend on clothes, let alone accessories so I've found some jewellery in a homage to Lara Bohinc but at a fraction of the price!

ASOS have really gone all out and re-created these stunning Lara Bohinc solar eclipse bracelet and marina rosette ring. The top row of pictures are all the originals whilst those below are ASOS's homage (the asos ring is available in both silver and gold)

Next up is Accessorize with their Lux plaited bracelet which perfectly captures the essence of Lara's plaited metal detailing and intertwining design

This Topshop belt in contrasting shades of black and black snakeskin is very reminiscent of the Lara Bohinc lunar eclipse belt (shown right), albeit in a more wardrobe and purse friendly option (it also has elasticated back for comfort and ease of sizing which is even better!)

(All items,

The jurys out yet again

Now Viktor and Rolf are known for their unusual designs and quirky ideas but I think theyre Paris Fall 2008 catwalk collection took things just that little bit too far
Where does one wear a trench coat with 3D foam lettering and gold staples detailing or the yeti coat with WOW written on it (I'm pretty sure the wow is ironic but with these guys you just never know!) Also just think how cute the 'no' trench would have been without the foam lettering- it would have been gorgeous- also it makes her look like she has a giant concave breast which I'm not entirely sure is the best way to get you noticed? And how on earth do you get through small doorways wearing them 'dream on' trench- imagining get stuck in a tight space wearing that and having to be rescued by the emergency services! I have nothing good to say about the yeti coat- it looks like a gaint cat threw up a massive fur ball on the model! Although I am kinda loving the padded olive boots- its futuristic solider warrior to the extreme..................

Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Now I'm not a huge lover of the high street store Warehouse- in the past I've had a few good buys including my favourite skirt (it was their full greyish colour wrap skirt a few years ago) and my favourite top (which i sadly ebayed awhile back and have regretted since so if anyone have a warehouse tiger print v neck top with flutter sleeves and tie back in a stretchy cotton and wants to sell it- contact me!) but lately I've felt everything has been too expensive and too trendy and just not me but not anymore! While online tonight, I had a peek out of curiosity and fund some divine dresses and had to share them!

Up first is this red poplin 3/4 length sleeve shirt dress- this is such a classic piece and would work well through out the year, for any occasion- for summer, I'm imagining it with my beloved gladiator sandals and through winter with thick thick black tights and patent ballet pumps *sigh*, bliss (try pairing it with the patent ballet pumps from New Look)

Next up is this floral prom dress- i posted recently about florals being huge and this prom dress ticks all the right boxes and is very Luella (and nothing is better than a homage to Luella except Luella itself)

This linen full pleat dress is just scrumptious and is very Bottega Veneta and just gorgeous for summer with sandals and a little cardigan and will remain fashionable for seasons to come (even better as it means more money for other items!) and would look fantastic with New Look's burberry style snakeskin sandals in both gladiator and heeled variety

Dip dye (the new term for tie dye) is set to be huge this summer and this dress is very Kate Moss- I can just see her wearing this with gladiator sandals (and for us mere mortals over skinny jeans!)

The return of the full skirt means alot of prom dresses and retro styling and this dress is head above the rest for its retro style and fit, great detailing and amazing feel good factor- an instant classic!

(all items

Ahoy me hearties!

As always Nautical is going to be big again this Spring/Summer (and yes for the likes of me that does mean dressing like is officially fashionable so time to don your eye patches and parrot) and as always I'm on hand to provide you with alittle style inspiration ranging from high street to alittle bit more high brow but all with a common nautical theme!

For a casual nautical style, nothing beats tops and here are a few of the alternate options to your standard stripes

Both tops are from ASOS and the one of the left is a fitted cotton top with V neck collar and bow with double button front design and a concealed zip fastening (perfect with jeans), while the other is a low cut cotton vest top with eyelet and rope detailing (pefect again with jeans or full skirts and sandals)

Another way to capture the trend is to opt for a dress- these two dresses are very different but both capture the nautical trend

This on the left is a Paul & Joe sister dress from ASOS and is a stripe silk wrap dress with frill sleeve detailing (perfect for anyone wanting to throw themselves fully into the deep end of the nautical theme), while the other is the Milly Doris V neck dress with contrast banding (this classic styling of white and navy just subtle screams 'at the yacht club' and is perfect for anyone wants a stylish, but on trend dress)

For nautical inspired skirts, then look no further than this Milly Terry Newport skirt-its a white drawstring skirt with gold eyelet and rope detailing and is th, e perfect casual skirt this summer

And a super easy way to channel this trend is the Warehouse stripe belted mac- its white with navy stripe just looks the nautical part- pair with jeans and wedges for a stunning summer look

And finally what round up of nautical fashion wouldn't be complete without the usual stripy jacket and this one from Topshop is perfect as its 'boat stripe' name implies it captures the essence of the nautical trend but is subtle enough to be able to through on over dresses and jeans alike and not feel stupid or too try hard

(Items from,,,

Lady Luck Rules Ok!

Next up on my top places for fun and unusual accessories is Lady Luck Rules Ok and is the place to go for all things brightly coloured, fun and funky!

I love this Raygun enamel necklace with a mini lightning bolt on it- the black is just sparkletastic and it even has matching earrings! Unleash your inner superwoman and get those baddies!

Staying with my new Spring approach and embracing all things springy, I've found this apple acrylic ring- I'll be throwing this on with my black skinny jeans and plaid shirts and will fondly recall spring everytime i look at it...............

Ok so its not the most practical of purses, but its pink and has cherries and duckies on it! Retotastic to the max, this little number is the perfect pary purse and for all those times when you only need cash or change on you (alternatively I'd use i)t to stash all my 'feminine' goodies like tampons etc- its not pretty or fun, but its nature and it happens so why not make it mildly amusing?)

These purple glasses just instantly make me smile- I hope they do it for you too!

This cutie pie dress reminds me of a really cool 80's disco dress and I'm ashamed to admit I love it! I'm off to don my pixie boots as we speak.............

And this is the perfect summer dress to wear with your flirty heels for an ice cream by the seaside (or in my case 2 clotted cream chocolate ice creams and going bare foot)

(All items

Shana Logic

Now I'm the kinda girl that likes unusual jewellery- at the moment I'm wearing a diamante sparkly lightning bolt ring on one hand and a custom made Jack Skellington face ring on the other- I have a breast plate type necklace made in black plastic from Accessorise that I adore because its strange- I like my jewellery odd, unusual and very quirky (if it happens to be black, sparkly and skull like then more the better!) and so I thought a few posts I'd dedicate to my favourite stores for unusual jewellery and some of my top picks and first up is Shana Logic (formerly Pixelgirl shop)

I adore this KaraLee Designs ring with a miniature silver toned skull against a deep pink glitter background- its just so cute and sparkly (and perfectly matches my skull earrings!)

This cupcake necklace by Dollyday is just retro kitsch at its best and would amazing with a vintage 50s dress and peep toe heels- i especially love the use of mirror, rhinestones and it even has a lock and key clasp- yummy!

These Phillip Head post earrings by Individual Icons are just true hardcore awesomeness- how much do i need a pair! (I just kinda love the idea of everyone going 'oh my god, do you have screws in your ears!)

This punk heart padlock choker by Marty Flint is just divine and the heart padlock adds just an edge of girliness to the hard edge of the padlock and chunky metal chain- I've been lusting after this one for a while now!

Another Marty Flint item, this punk rhinestone padlock choker is just fabulous and I adore the rhinestones of the padlock to add that extra bit of sparkle to my outfit but still keep it not looking very girly- perfect to outset a feminine outfit!

And a few little extras

I adore this skull and polka dot hair clip by Ukiyo5- I'd wear it as a brooch though as my pixie cropped hair just doesn't do hair clips!

This Shirk Design tattoo amore headband is gorgeous and perfectly matches the Alexander Henry fabric of this tattoo print I have in black- the perfect combination to add pin up tattoo glamour to your outfit!

New Look

See now I'm good but apparently I missed the fact that New Look now has an online store (i know I too am disgusted at myself!) but thanks to our divine fashionsta Sam, we are now fully aware and ready to shop! Here are a few of my current online favs:

I have a thing for bows and this pencil skirt is just fab (plus at £18 such great value even if you only wear it one season and then donate it to me)- I'm imagining it with green snakeskin heels (they have some in black court style available) or these black patent peep toe heels and a white tank top (i like the contrast between smart and casual)

I love this pleated shirt dress- it ticks almost all my boxes (if it was in plaid then it'd be perfect but we can't have everything!)- its black, its pleated, its a shirtdress (which never dates) and has a 40's vibe which I just can't get enough of- just add mary janes and watch those envious glances roll in!

This check bomber is just so me- I can just see me now wearing it with my black skinny jeans and suede ballet pumps and my new turquoise bag which I'm obsessed with- I'm almost a little teary eyed at the thought!

And just because everyone should own something leopard print is this leopard print tank top in the sale which would be perfect over a black short sleeve shirt and a pencil skirt or over a t shirt and jeans

Patent, check, brogue, check, shoeboot, check, 20s vibe, check- what more does one want from a shoe? They're the perfect shoe and combine so many trends they cant fail to impress! (a huge thank you to Sam for putting me onto these babies- if you do buy them be sure to post piccies!) Now all I need is a flapper dress and I'm all good for the 20's.........

These patent flats are a Chloe lookalike at a fraction of the price and are simply scrumptious and also come in a dark cherry red- sex in a shoe me thinks!

These patent sandals have a touch of Burberry about them and for that alone means you have to buy them, let alone the fact they're simply gorgeous!

I'm a totally gladiator sandal addict and have been for the past 3 summers and these are my ultimate as not only are they gladiator style but are black snakeskin which makes them even more covetable

This cross over bag in black snakeskin might even be better than my new turquoise bag- now if only they'd make it 10x bigger!