Wednesday, 27 February 2008

New Look

See now I'm good but apparently I missed the fact that New Look now has an online store (i know I too am disgusted at myself!) but thanks to our divine fashionsta Sam, we are now fully aware and ready to shop! Here are a few of my current online favs:

I have a thing for bows and this pencil skirt is just fab (plus at £18 such great value even if you only wear it one season and then donate it to me)- I'm imagining it with green snakeskin heels (they have some in black court style available) or these black patent peep toe heels and a white tank top (i like the contrast between smart and casual)

I love this pleated shirt dress- it ticks almost all my boxes (if it was in plaid then it'd be perfect but we can't have everything!)- its black, its pleated, its a shirtdress (which never dates) and has a 40's vibe which I just can't get enough of- just add mary janes and watch those envious glances roll in!

This check bomber is just so me- I can just see me now wearing it with my black skinny jeans and suede ballet pumps and my new turquoise bag which I'm obsessed with- I'm almost a little teary eyed at the thought!

And just because everyone should own something leopard print is this leopard print tank top in the sale which would be perfect over a black short sleeve shirt and a pencil skirt or over a t shirt and jeans

Patent, check, brogue, check, shoeboot, check, 20s vibe, check- what more does one want from a shoe? They're the perfect shoe and combine so many trends they cant fail to impress! (a huge thank you to Sam for putting me onto these babies- if you do buy them be sure to post piccies!) Now all I need is a flapper dress and I'm all good for the 20's.........

These patent flats are a Chloe lookalike at a fraction of the price and are simply scrumptious and also come in a dark cherry red- sex in a shoe me thinks!

These patent sandals have a touch of Burberry about them and for that alone means you have to buy them, let alone the fact they're simply gorgeous!

I'm a totally gladiator sandal addict and have been for the past 3 summers and these are my ultimate as not only are they gladiator style but are black snakeskin which makes them even more covetable

This cross over bag in black snakeskin might even be better than my new turquoise bag- now if only they'd make it 10x bigger!


themymblesdaughter said...

That's a great bag, I've got to have it. Already got the floral blouse from Top Shop, nice to see it here, I feel like I've done something right! I've passed details of your blog on to sundry daughters, we're all fans

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the name check :-) I have to have the shoes now and love the shirt dress! Excellent blog, a must read - now nail polish next please and thank you xxx