Friday, 22 February 2008

The jurys out on this one.............

From the front a stunning candy coloured shift dress (its adorable isnt it- just imagine that on a gorgeous spring day contrasting with my pale pasty skin and freckles!)

But from the back a whole other story:

Now part of me wants to like it (part of me does like it- the weird, quirky side of me who likes bustles and bows and the way helena bohnam carter dresses so much so i actually want to be her) but the majority of me is thinking WHAT (especially when i see the price tag of £2,045) £2045 for actually making your bum (and upper back) look bigger- since when did (most) women want their bums to look bigger? Well i suppose at least if you ever need a sit down you've got a built in cushion ready and waiting for you?
Come on guys, what do you think of this Isaac Mizrahi creation: mad genuis or just mad?


PurpleFlitty said...

Who would pay over 2 grand for that? Though I supoose it would hide the huge bum!

Anonymous said...

Love it from the front - but back is awful! Mad Mad for me I'm afraid, hopefully the high street will make a version based on the front only :-)