Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Shana Logic

Now I'm the kinda girl that likes unusual jewellery- at the moment I'm wearing a diamante sparkly lightning bolt ring on one hand and a custom made Jack Skellington face ring on the other- I have a breast plate type necklace made in black plastic from Accessorise that I adore because its strange- I like my jewellery odd, unusual and very quirky (if it happens to be black, sparkly and skull like then more the better!) and so I thought a few posts I'd dedicate to my favourite stores for unusual jewellery and some of my top picks and first up is Shana Logic (formerly Pixelgirl shop)

I adore this KaraLee Designs ring with a miniature silver toned skull against a deep pink glitter background- its just so cute and sparkly (and perfectly matches my skull earrings!)

This cupcake necklace by Dollyday is just retro kitsch at its best and would amazing with a vintage 50s dress and peep toe heels- i especially love the use of mirror, rhinestones and it even has a lock and key clasp- yummy!

These Phillip Head post earrings by Individual Icons are just true hardcore awesomeness- how much do i need a pair! (I just kinda love the idea of everyone going 'oh my god, do you have screws in your ears!)

This punk heart padlock choker by Marty Flint is just divine and the heart padlock adds just an edge of girliness to the hard edge of the padlock and chunky metal chain- I've been lusting after this one for a while now!

Another Marty Flint item, this punk rhinestone padlock choker is just fabulous and I adore the rhinestones of the padlock to add that extra bit of sparkle to my outfit but still keep it not looking very girly- perfect to outset a feminine outfit!

And a few little extras

I adore this skull and polka dot hair clip by Ukiyo5- I'd wear it as a brooch though as my pixie cropped hair just doesn't do hair clips!

This Shirk Design tattoo amore headband is gorgeous and perfectly matches the Alexander Henry fabric of this tattoo print I have in black- the perfect combination to add pin up tattoo glamour to your outfit!

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