Friday, 22 February 2008


All this talk of spring has got me all wistful for a little sun and for some unknown reason ruffles (if anyone can tell me why that'd be great unless its one of those 'lauren' quirks and then so be it)

Maybe its the romantic, innocent edge they lend to an outfit that makes an overtly sexy short dress look just that little bit innocent and girly (like when you coyly look at someone through your eyelashes). Maybe its the fact it can make a plain item look interesting and add so much needed texture and definition to certain areas of your body (flat chested girls like me take note!)
Maybe its just because I'm an obsessive lover of all things ruffled, pleated and gathered (well and plaid but that's another story)
Anyway here are some items full of ruffley goodness:

Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Front Ruffle Dress- this is a brand loved my Selma Blair (so you'll be in good company!) and this dress is made from 100% silk and has a solid pin tucked bib with ruffled edging

Paul & Joe Da Le Vie Ruffle Front Shirtdress- I just love the fact the ruffles make it look quite formal and 'tie' like- perfect in keeping with the shirt dress style!

Juicy Couture Cascading Ruffle Dress- This is true feminine flirty romance as its best with this silk chiffon ruffle fronted dress- I imagine this to be the perfect dress to wear going on a romantic stroll around Paris (can you tell I'm a hopeless romantic? And that I also have never been to Paris?)

Moschino Cheap & Chic Sleeveless Ruffle Dress- because a feature of ruffles just wouldn't be complete without Moschino Cheap & Chic (and i like to think just one day they'll give me freebies for mentioning them so much- i like to dream!) This dress gets extra points for not only having a fantastic ruffle front but also a lovely gathered back (2 things i love in one dress-make it in plaid and then it'd be perfect, although black is my favourite colour!) I would love to see it in the emerald green that the Moschino Cheap & Chic ruffle skirt is made in- it'd be the ultimate spring/summer dress!

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