Friday, 22 February 2008

Deliciously Dark

Well it couldn't last- all that colour and talk of spring- I've gone back to my dark black soul roots and have decided to share one of my best kept secrets with you. If you haven't already heard of Pearl Lowe (mother of Daisy Lowe, the model (who's father is Gavin Rossdale who's married to Gwen Stefani), ex member of Primrose Hill set, partner of danny from supergrass) make room for her on your 'must have' list. She began her design company in 2001 using lace to make curtains and table cloths but has since expanded into making clothing using lace and vintage ideas and styling and has produced some of the most exquisite and delicioulsly dark and enchanting clothing I've ever seen (and ive seen alot of deliciously dark clothing!)

Pearl herself and often her daughter Daisy can be seen wearing her creations and showing them off to their full potential, showing that her designs and creations spane generations of women and can appeal and more importantly, suit a variety of women in terms of age, body shape and beauty

Exceptional pieces for me include Peggy (a full skirt lace dress), Annie (a lace shift dress with cap sleeves and lace corsage detail), Sylvie (an empire line gathered waist dress with tie neck closure) and Iris (a frothy mini skirt lace dress with long blouson sleeves) but everything is beautiful and breathtaking in its own right (even if you only go for the pictures alone its worth it!) Theres also a range of stunning curtains and cushions to add deliciously dark influence to your decor

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