Thursday, 28 February 2008

My Fall '08 loves

Well the pictures of the Fall '08 shows are slowly being posted online and I thought its only right and my duty to show you whats going to be hot next fall and show you a few of my favourite looks

First up is Balenciaga- his current floral warrior dress does nothing for me but I actually liked some of the fall 08 pieces including this dress above (note its black, a dress and has a ruffle so i was bound to love it). I adore the neckline and the fitted top which flows into a tulip skirt, the ruffle is just fabulous although personally I'd prefer the thigh split sewn up to create a much more elegant, breakfast at Tiffany's style dress!

Staying with Balenciaga is this- now nothing does too much for me here, the top is blah and I'm not overly keen on the choice of fabric for the pants but it was the cut that got me- skinny and cut at the ankle is my all time favourite cut for trousers (so much so I own 5 identical pairs of Killah black skinny ankle length trousers with side zips) and makes the legs look long and lean (and is the perfect way to show off your shoes without looking too tried hard, although be sure to get a pair that fits right otherwise you may end up looking like you've just bought too short trousers!). This is one trend I've already been rocking for the past 3 months and will continue to do so, so good to see the designers taking notes from me- i like it!

Next is this gorgeous ruched, twisted detailed olive green dress from Burberry- Burberry make some fantastic dresses (and with Agyness Deyn as their main model wants not to love!) and I thought everything was right about this one from the gorgeous colour, to the wearable shape (and i adore those bracelets, bags and shoes!).

Now our next designer was my first ever 'The jurys out post' with his candy shift dress but for fall '08 Isaac Mizrahi had some fantastic pieces including lots of bursts of colour which was great against so much of the black that was shown elsewhere (i know I'm a black obsessive but even I need colour sometimes!) First up is this fantastic sienna coloured dress with coral waist and bust detailing. I adore the full skirted style of this dress and the way the contrasting colour at the band not only draws your eye to the waist but the way the fit and full skirt makes you waist look tiny. Plus the neckline is a must for showing off a gorgeous decolletage and a fantastic piece of jewellery while the blouson sleeves make your arms look thinner (and keep you warm!) Personally I would have put this with very thick black tights to really make the colours pop (love the shoes though!)

Staying with Isaac, I adore this outfit- the full purple woolen skirt is just stunning (i want it so badly!), while the black leather belt is just the perfect contrast with the purple (without looking like a bruise) and again makes the waist look smaller when contrasted with the fullness of the skirt. My only criticism is again the tights (i don't do opaques- its thick black tights or nothing!) and I'm not overly keen on the top which reminds me of a ballet leotard- I would have gone for a scoop neck top- not overly original but its every women's staple and could have made the outfit appeal to us ordinary women. I'd also love to see this skirt in black, a red and a bold print as I think its one of the most versatile skirt shapes and one that makes women feel both feminine and sexy.

My final Isaac pick was this one above- its so un-me- the pastel colours aren't usually my think but i saw this and thought it was darling and very grease (but in a good way!). I adore the silhouette and think it just looks fabulous although maybe more of a spring outfit rather than for fall as I think adding a coat for warmth would swamp the outfit and it'd lose its shape and impact (I would adore a version of this in either all black or black and red or even black and white- just imagine how good that'd be!)

Now for a lady who I love- I adore Alice Temperley- i think shes fantastic and lovely and just amazing (plus shes a Somerset girl so I feel kinship with her!) so I had to make a few picks from her '08 show. The above dress is just gorgeous (although do ignore the blouse and boots which are horrid!)- I adore the colour and think it really perks up the winter mood (and would look fantastic with black accessories which are every women's winter staples) while the tiered tulip skirt is very fashion forward but still wearable. I would add a black cashmere or fine knit scoop neck top underneath it and some black patent ballet pumps (with thick black tights of course)

And these black leather trousers are just yummy- they're so Kate Moss and would be perfect for anyone daring enough to re-create her leather trouser/black tuxedo jacket ensemble- personally I'd just wear them with a simple white t-shirt and sweater and let the trousers do the talking (doesn't Lilly just look divine in them though and that hat really suits her! Not sure about the blouse and waistcoat though!)

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