Monday, 25 February 2008

Something to make you go mmmmmmmm

Well after another bank mishap (I say mishap when actually it was just plain laziness but still it was a chance to debut my new turquoise bag), I decided to console myself with some new make up (and a Greggs chicken slice) and so popped on over to Boots.Now as someone who hasn't been to a Boots make up counter in a long time, since when did they get so much good stuff? Not only did I find make up that was a deadringer for more expensive beauty items but make up essentials for the same price as a Starbucks coffee!

Heres my top picks (and some of my actual purchases)

The Natural Collection eye shadow in Moss Shimmer (£1.69)- use this with a wet brush and apply along the lash line in place of Urban Decay's Acid Rain liquid eyeliner and save yourself over £9 or dry and instead of Urban Decay's Urb eyeshadow (I'm wearing the naturals collection eye shadow as eyeliner topped off with some 17 liquid liner- im very impressed, even though at my first attempt I looked like some sicko clown with a black fetish had attacked me)

Try 17's solo eyeshadows (£2.79) in Punky purple, Damnson, Grey and Black or Rimmel's colour rush mono eye shadow (£3.49) in Intense and Jet Black to rival Urban Decay's eyeshadows in Fishnet, Ransom, Zero and Sting.

Instead of Lancome's Juicy Tube in Cerise, try 17's Sheer Shine Lip Gloss in Strawberry Sundae (£3.79) and save yourself just under £9

Swap Korres Lip Butter in Pomengranate for 17's Lip Glaze in Secret Smile (£3.79) for almost half the price

And finally for a much cheaper take on Chanel's insanely popular, sold out Black Satin nail polish, use Barry M's classic nail polish in black (£3) and save yourself £15


PurpleFlitty said...

I love Barry M nail paint, the black is great! The also do clear sparkles and clear holograms that you can paint over which looks fab!
Their Dazzle Dust eye shadow is gorgeous, and the colours are to die for.

GlassesShop said...

Nice blog right here!