Sunday, 24 February 2008

Tis the season to shop like its going out of fashion

After a very successful campaign of eating everything in sight (supervised by my gp of course!) and putting on half a stone in three weeks (a grand stone in all!), my clothes have officially begun to be too tight (so much so i wriggled into a pair of jeans yesterday only to have a 5" gap between the button and the buttonhole- i spent the next hour trying to remove myself from them!) so therefore i now have the perfect excuse to go shopping!

After a short trip the nearest Mall (Cribbs Causeway if anyone is interested), a few hours of shopping and lots of snacking and eating later and I now have 2 new dresses, 2 new tops and a bag to add to my wardrobe (also as i type this im currently buying 4 pairs of jeans online!)

Strangely they're all from H&M- now im not a H&M hater, its just the store is always so cluttered and overfilling with stock that everything gets all messy and stained (or lives on the floor) and its full of 'young adults' and lots of cheap through away fashion or things that are so indecently short that they could be belts (i am allowed to say this given I am 20 and managed to look like mutton dressed as lamb!)
Well today H&M has been REBORN- there was a new layout- no clutter, no mess- everything had a place and you could actually get to the racks and they werent overflowing with stock. There was no blaring music- you could actually hear yourself speak andyou could actually try clothes on because there weren't massive queues and for once the clothes were gorgeous (i admit there were still lots of bonkers 'trend' lead bits but there was also a hell of alot of smart, yummy looking clothing!)

And so without further ado here are my new clothes (with awful photos taken by my own poor photographically skilled hands):

First, we have the wrap over ruched blue and white striped shirt- this I just grabbed on the way to the tills as an after thought- it looked cute, i thought 'why not' and I'm glad I did as I love it. The puff shoulders are adorable, the ruching on the neckline adds oomph to my tiny ta tas and makes me feel just that little but smarter and more grown up (i was wearing it with skinny jeans and black suede pointy ballets and a black top so not quite sure if i looked that grown up!)

Next is the black shirtdress with ruched panel detailing on the waistline to give the waist more emphasise (and a slimmer look) by creating volume at the bust and hips for a curvier figure- i loved this and wanted one in every colour as it just felt good on, fits gorgeously and is so comfy- the perfect sling it on and look fantastic dress!

Staying with dresses, this white and black striped shirt dress has a gathered waist giving in that cinched in tiny waist look and a flared skirt giving you shape in all the right places (which on my boyish frame isnt easy!) and its just a complete winner in my books (the pictures dont do it jsutice at all- it looks fab on- I might even try and get an 'action shot' to prove it!)

Then is a top my mum picked up for me- its a blue and white striped (spot a theme for H&M) top with button down neckline and drawcord empire line style waist that allows for a more fitted style. The sleeves (or lack of) are really interesting too as the cut adds definition to the shoulder area and highlights toned arms (i wish!)

Finally its this delicious turquoise leather bag with pleat detailing- i saw this and instantly had to have it given my wardrobe is made up of mostly blacks, indigos and greys- i just loved the pop of colour especially against something as stark as the outfit i was wearing (all blacks, navys or leaopard print!) and for £9.99 whos complaining!

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Anonymous said...

Have to agree re: mess and confusion of H&M! You really have to pick the right one to go to and I've yet to find it in the UK - US and Amsterdam H&Ms were perfectly managed and order - why can't they do that here??