Sunday, 24 February 2008

Reliving my (non) youth

For anyone living under a rock and not watching Ashes to Ashes (the topic discussed around water coolers across the nation), the 80's are apparently back (although they've been back for season upon season). With this and the fact by the time the 80s ended I was a mere 2 years old the fashion by passed me (ive yet to decide if this is good or not yet!) and well I've been felling abit left out and decided to investigate so of the 80's fashion concepts, mainly the bubble (or tulip) skirt.

It all started with me wanting to make a different style of skirt than what I usually make (full, A line, flared etc) and thought 'everyone always says how awful bubble skirts are, can I make one and pull it off' and in the name of research decided to get some inspiration from the designers (and well i dont really need much of an excuse to get on net a porter!). I was really really suprised at how many gorgeous bubble/tulip skirts there are around- I thought I'd have trouble finding one yet it looks like the designers have worked their magic on this 80s throwback! As for my tulip skirt, its currently cut and ready to be sewn (after my usual full and A line skirt that is) and will be posting it as soon as its done for the fashionistas verdict!

See by Chloe - this is my favourite and is a really wearable shape and style- this is what I'm using as the inspiration for mine although mine is a black and red plaid material (im a sucker for a plaid!)

Hanii Y - such a cute longer style with satin waistband and stragetic pleating both front and back to create a flattering and wearable tulip shape- perfect for the office

3.1 Phillip Lim - a trend wouldn't be a trend with Phillip Lim getting in on the act and giving us his interpretation and this lace bubble skirt is simply gorgeous and sits the bar high for any other designer. This is a fantastic evening piece (it also makes me want to butcher my lace shift dress to recreate it!) and sure to get people talking in a good way!

3.1 Phillip Lim - again he surpasses himself with this stunning chinese silk style bubble high waisted skirt- this is a show stopping piece and is just so yummy and gorgeous- I just can't say enough about it!

Development - this is the ultimate casual bubble skirt and bang on the nautical trend with the rope belt and grey cotton canvas twill fabric. Perfect for anyone wary of the tulip skrit trend as the pleat creates a soft shape and the fabric lends itself to a casual, everyday attire- perfect for the weekend, just add a plain white tee and your good to go!

Whatever next for my 80's fashion throwback challenge- any ideas ladies?

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