Thursday, 28 February 2008

The jurys out yet again

Now Viktor and Rolf are known for their unusual designs and quirky ideas but I think theyre Paris Fall 2008 catwalk collection took things just that little bit too far
Where does one wear a trench coat with 3D foam lettering and gold staples detailing or the yeti coat with WOW written on it (I'm pretty sure the wow is ironic but with these guys you just never know!) Also just think how cute the 'no' trench would have been without the foam lettering- it would have been gorgeous- also it makes her look like she has a giant concave breast which I'm not entirely sure is the best way to get you noticed? And how on earth do you get through small doorways wearing them 'dream on' trench- imagining get stuck in a tight space wearing that and having to be rescued by the emergency services! I have nothing good to say about the yeti coat- it looks like a gaint cat threw up a massive fur ball on the model! Although I am kinda loving the padded olive boots- its futuristic solider warrior to the extreme..................

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