Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Now I get it- Chloe Sevigny's kooky and quirky and alittle bit different yadda yadda (Take MK Olsen- I love her and even when shes wearing things I wouldn't personally wear- shes working it and owning it and looking fierce and you know people are going to be copying that at home) but for the love of god, who gave her a fashion line and whos going to buy it?

Don't get me wrong, I admire someone with individuality and breaks the rules and I sometimes find myself thinking she looks good but her clothing line called 'Opening Ceremony' looks like someone threw up the 80's/Clueless wardrobe department on her! Since when did women look in their wardrobe and think 'you know what I need- floral high waisted pegged jeans and a matching too short bustier top (oh and I'll team it with leopard print heels just to offset the look)'- I for one do not! (although I am all for leopard print heels!) As for the floral bustier detail dress over a t-shirt- has she ever heard of Luella Bartley (who does it so much better!) and the sleeveless tucked in blouse with super high waisted check skirt and leopard leggings and shoes- firstly sleeveless blouses don't appeal to the majority of women (bingo wings anyone, although Chloe obviously has never heard of them judging by that picture) and for those with breasts tucking shirts in is just a no no. As for the high waist under the bust skirt, how many real women have a waist so slim they could do that and not look like a barrel or a large uni-boob (I'm a size 8 and I'm pretty sure not even I could pull off that look!) and don't even get me started on the leopard print leggings/check/knee length skirt/leopard heels look- its just WRONG

See now if they gave Selma Blair a fashion line, then we'd be talking........................and in a good way!

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