Thursday, 6 March 2008

It has spread!

Now when I joked about jumpsuits not once but twice, I really didn't expect it to go anywhere............BUT NO, the holy grail that is Net A Porter have now got a dedicated category to the damn things! Containing not 1 but 12 of them! (Ok I will admit that at least 2 of them are actually very nice and I would wear the Stella McCartney all in one, Paul & Joe Sister playsuit and the Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton playsuit with my gladiator sandals and rock it) but who would wear these:

I am shocked and sickened that Tibi, my beloved label would create this black 80's MC Hammer throwback and the Anti Batik printed number looks like an odd geometric clown suit! (And the yellow Paul & Joe jumpsuit is just gross!)

If designers could resume normal services of taste and decency soon that would be fantastic, until then could we just burn all the jumpsuits (*note Miss Lauren is not advocating or condoning pyromania or the burning of disgusting articles of clothing, which are pure crimes against fashion and women everywhere*)


Anonymous said...

Jumpsuits in any way are just wrong...much like the fashion for bodysuits in the early 90's i fear this trend might just take off.

Miss Lauren said...

Oh say it ain't so Lizsara! I cant bare the thought of this taking off (especially not if it means we're going to have women who should know better wearing tiny short all in ones and not the best figures- you all know what I'm talking about here!)