Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Run away to the circus!

I'm slowly recovering from a very fantastic, late night last night watching an amazing show put on by The Rogue Theatre company called Madame Lucindas Wonder Show (what a fantabulous name!). Heres what you need to know:

Ever Dreamt of Running Away with the Circus?

Madame Lucinda is Mother, Father, Alter Ego, Devil, Angel, and Ring Mater as she tempts, cajoles and teases those whose needs ache and wounds sting to step up into her limelight. They’ll receive all that they crave but only at a price.

Step right up... see the faces behind the make-up, the stories of those who dared to dream. With live music, mesmerising vocals, illusion, magic, side splitting comedy, ballet, whip cracking, explosive physical performance and powerful narrative. Journey through the doors of the imagination into a world of mystery, spectacle and horror. Marvel at the exquisite heartache, the torturous hilarity and breathtaking magic.

Conceived and directed by Angelina Boscarelli the show reflects her experience of travelling internationally with the circus. The show mixes circus spectacle and passion with the real, the mundane and gritty stories of the people behind the make-up.
Based on poems and text written for the Wonder Show by Anna Maria Murphy (Kneehigh Theatre (Including Tristan and Yseult, Red Shoes and The Bacchae), Radio 4 and The National Theatre) and combining Rogue’s daring style, Madame Luicnda’s Wonder Show beautifully blends the innocent with the macabre, optimism in the face of the inescapable and the real with the fantastical.
It was absolutely fantastic (the make up was a particular highlight! As was the stripey tights!), the performances were so engaging (I sat riveted for 2.5 hours and thats not usual for me!) and above all else it was fun, different and everyone raved about it (much of the interval involved people saying 'did you see that?' 'wow, did you get think that too?' 'Wasn't that bit really good'? Oh and the odd 'did you see that man's arms' but of course I'd never go to see a play and focus on the fact theres attractive people in it, at all!)
So if you get the chance to go and see it or its coming to a stage near you, I urge you to go- it'll be worth every penny (I'm even thinking of going again!) For more info or for details of where they're going to be next, check out the links below!

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