Saturday, 8 March 2008

New shiny things!

Well today I had a major set back- I tried to put on what I had planned to wear only for the trousers to be too small (the drawback of putting on 1.5 stone in 6 weeks is nothing fits including my 5 pairs of Killah black skinny tsubi lookalike trousers). I then tried on my jeans I was wearing only a few days ago- same problem except this time with overhang! I then tried my much loved tsubi lookalikeys and couldn't pull them past my knees- 7 pairs of jeans/trousers gone in an instant! (If there are any size 6 and 8 lovelies who are looking for some new trews including brand new Killah trousers and wants to make me an offer/get more info- just give me an email and look out on an ebay screen near you for my clothes *under my name blue_barbiekiller*. I've got 5 pairs of Killah black jeans to list (3 brand new, all size 26), one pair of black tsubi copies (size 6), one pair of black skinny jeans (size 8) that are a dream fit and a black and grey leopard print pencil skirt with zip detailing (size 8)- if you want any piccies/details etc, you know where to find me- plug over now!
So to console myself after 4 hours, 3 choc muffins and cream and 2 servings of roast lamb with the works, I'm very full and am pretty sure nothing else will fit soon! I did however receive my Boden Mini ballet pumps- check out these babies- best design feature ever- the bow is adjustable and tightening it actually changes the shape and size of the shoe to fit all feet/ankles so if they're abit loose, just pull the cord and hey presto they fit!

And I managed to get some great new season pieces from Sainsburys (I seem to get alot of my basic staples from there- I have a plethora of their tees and highly recommend the ruched v neck 3/4 sleeve tops, fairtrade cotton crew necks and 3/4 sleeve v necks). I bought this fabulous zebra print sweater in the sale for £7.50 which is just gorgeous and adds a little bit of life to an otherwise boring outfit. Safari is a HUGE trend this spring/summer so I knew I had to have this khaki military style fit and flare shirt and just because I adore nautical and cardis, I couldn't resist this longline black and white striped belted cardi (I also picked up 2 black 3/4 sleeve V necks and 2 Khakis and everything came to a massive budget friendly £54!)

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