Sunday, 9 March 2008

More new thingys!

Well today turned into an impromptu shopping trip after visiting a friend (not that I need an excuse to shop although in my defense since putting on 1.5 stone, nothing fits so I have alot of clothes to replace and even more to put on ebay!).
I bought- as well as picking up an Estee Lauder advanced repair night duo set for £40 (such a bargain!), I also bought a striped nautical style blazer, nautical striped blue and white full skirted dress with collared bust, yellow and white striped full skirted dress with collared bust and cross over straps and a patent vinyl nautical style tote with red detailing and anchor print!

Only trouble is now I'm even more unsure of what to wear to the upcoming Christening (OUSA F&B forum readers will know all about my ongoing dilemma!)- do I stick with the black fit and flare dress with mary janes and pink tote bag, or go for the H&M fit and flare striped dress with mary janes (for a vintage dolly look!) or one of the new nautical dresses with a fitted black cardi and mary janes?

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