Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothers Day Shopping Trip

Well what else would the woman who created such a fashion addict want to do on Mothers Day but shop? On a trip to Next of all places, I managed to buy 2 pairs of shoes, a bag and a watch- all in the space of 3 minutes of walking in the door- the sign of a true fashionista?

Anyway as always I like to share and allow others to bask in the glory that is shopping, so here's the latest additions to my bulging wardrobe:

The Mother's Day present- these elastic peep toe sandals are gorgeous and have fantastic curved heels- very designer inspired (and very comfy!)- sadly they're not mine nor in my size but they're pretty to look at!

These little beauties are my first pair of proper high heels (I have size 2 feet so my only other pair of heeled shoes are from the now deceased Ravel children's range and are Miu Miu sparkly mary janes lookalikeys) as they're from an actual 'adult' range and are black leather mary janes with buckle and stud detailing and sole reviver soles (allows for flexible, breathable soles which are cushioned for comfort- they obviously work as I've been wearing them for the past 4 hours and they're still comfy!)

This is my new bag- its a bright fuchsia patent pink tote bag with buckle detailing and stitch detailing on the strap. It also has two main compartments as well as one zipped and very pretty white and fuchsia floral lining- who knew the girl who only ever wore black accessories would buy a brightly coloured bag, 2 weekends in a row? All I need know is the Barry M liquid eyeliner in pink and my outfit is complete (I'm wearing it with my new mary janes, navy matalan trench coat, black dress and new pink bag!)

And finally a new watch to replace my much loved turquoise Next watch that has departed this world. Note the turquoise stitching on its replacement- it perfectly matches my new turquoise bag! Oh and it tells the time too but that's always secondary to what it looks like!

Next up to arrive will be my La Redoute parcel- fingers crossed it fits and you'll all get to see what other delights I've bought! (Well that and I bought a pair of leopard print ballet pumps from Boden but they haven't arrived yet!)


M said...

That watch is lovely! I' a watch person myself. I can't believe you have a size 2 foot! This is a great blog.

I have a blog ( where I ask people to tell me about their day in 7 words or less. If you'd like to tell me about your day just leave me a comment. If not, keep blogging and have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Oh lovely, i can see myself taking a lot of time off DA204 and spending it here instead!

Shopping trips are always a lot of fun, but especially when you get good bargains in no time at all.