Friday, 25 April 2008

Its that time of year

Its that time of year when perfect, gorgeous skin comes into focus and there aren't many woman who have perfect skin- most of us need to actively work at it (and can't rely on an army of experts and re-touchers to make us look gorgeous!)

So heres my ultimate guide to gorgeous, clear skin:

Step 1- Dermalogica Anti Bac Skin wash- this is an essential for anyone with oily, skin prone skin. It contains Triclosan to help inhibit bacteria on the skin's surface and Salicylic Acid dissolves dead skin debris to leave skin looking and feeling clear.

Step 2- Clearsil Deep Cleansing Toner- this toner helps clear and prevent breakouts, whilst tightening pores. It also works really well with the Dermalogica cleanser.

Step 3- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex Serum- applied morning and night on clean skin, this serum can help enhance the skins natural ability to repair UV and environmental damage. It also leaves the skin glowly and radiant!

Step 4- No7 protect and repair SPF 50+ anti ageing anti dark spot facial sun protection- this 5 star rated ultra sun protection has a patented complex to help skin prevent age spots, uneven pigmentation and ageing caused by sun exposure. The cream is moisturising, yet not greasy and the perfect base for make up. It also doesn't smell very much, nor goes streaky or chalky white on contact. Alternatively try Siana Anti Wrinkle Day Cream- this reknown day cream for £1.89 from Aldi has out performed well known creams such as cult classic Creme de la mer and Olay in product tests and Aldis sell a whopping 20,000 jars a week. This day cream contains bioflavone and co-enzyme Q10 as well as vitamin C and E and spf 4. Its light yet moisturising texture sinks into the skin and leaves skin dewy and glowy- a cult classic!

Step 5- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex- this lightweight serum-gel not only helps repair past damage but also prevent further damage to the delicate eye area. The gel also helps banish puffiness, dark circles and lines and wrinkles. I use this morning and eye and swear by it- its by far the best eye cream I've tried (a close second is Caudalie eye and lip contour cream)

Step 6- For a night cream, you can't beat Siana's Skin Kind nightcream from Aldi- this sister product to the re known day cream, it just as good and contains all the skin loving ingredients of the day cream with added vitamins and retinol complex to help skin regenerate while you sleep. Plus at a bargain £1.89, it leaves you free to splurge on other things!

Extra- and for those days when spots just appear without warning, try Clearsils Rapid Action Treatment Cream- this cream not only fights spots but reduces redness and used twice a day can clear up spots in 2-3 days.

And just because you can't forget the rest of you, my ultimate body lotion is Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Body Lotion- this hypoallergenic, fragrance free lotion moisturises the driest of skins and leaves skin feel soft and moisturised for over 24 hours. I use it every morning and my skin is still soft and gorgeous the next morning- my definite holy grail body lotion!

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