Thursday, 10 April 2008


Well after putting on weight, I actually found I needed a bra (theres a first for everything) and so found myself walking into the first shop I saw that sold underwear (you can tell im not picky!) which happened to be La Senza, which is harbouring what could be the best bra (IMO). I'm talking about the ITEC which for those of you haven't heard is La Senzas microfibre one piece bra designed to not only look invisble under clothing but is also seam, stitch and label free.

Not one to be sway by advertising and mumbo jumbo, I thought I'd try it on and as usual put it back for not fitting right/be uncomfy/looking horrid under clothes/all of the above but 4 purchases later I'm a convert and believe me the hype is worth it!

I ended up purchasing the padded plunge ITEC bra in both black and white which has concealed underwiring and smooth moulded cups with incorporated foam padding to boost cleavage and little scallop detailing and am over the moon with them- not only do they fit perfectly, they boost the bust (which for any other A cups out there is a big deal!), are invisible under clothing (only through the thiniest of my white tank tops can you see the white bra) and are comfortable from the get go. The straps are also thin enough to not be seen when wearing camis and spaghetti strap clothing and it gives a good, even shape through clothing. Not only that but La Senza had an offer which meant £10 off the total price of both bras. I also got the ITEC in lurex pink and silver (both were half price in store), which are just as good, although I don't find the fit as good, although I suspect its due to the fact it doesn't have the little scallop edging so doesnt fit as close to the breast and give an even 'join' when boosting the bust but theyre still fantastic and I cant complain for the price I paid!!!

(sadly i look like neither of these women when wearing my bra, so therefore I add the disclaimer 'wearing this bra does not make you look like theyre sickenly attrative models')
Overall, I would recommend these bras to anyone wanting to boost their assets, while getting a smooth, invisbile look under clothing without compromising on style or comfort. A word of wording to the larger busted lady, the straps are thin so if you do need more support, a different bra might be better. The US La Senza has expanded this range so fingers crossed they'll bring it over to us as they're created the ITEC bras without underwiring and in printed versions and less 'basic' versions such as various colours, embroidered and lace versions. The range also features matching bottoms in a variety of styles that are all seam free for no VPL- perfect!

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